Raamon Newman

Raamon S. Newman,  Chief Executive Officer & Managing Partner, has been an executive development adviser for over twelve years working with top CEO’s in New Zealand, Australia, US and Europe.  He is a graduate from the University of Auckland, New Zealand, with a Bachelor’s of Commerce, major in Marketing. He was a top three nationally ranked U/20 middle-distance runner in New Zealand as well as a four-time North Harbour high school grade championship winning rugby player at Westlake Boys High.  After completing his degree in 1993 he embarked on a journey of self-development, which took him to the US to gain a deeper understanding of human development and natural health care at MUM in Iowa, USA. From 1993 to 1997 he served as marketing manager at MUM Press.  After being a local coordinator for a pilot Natural Health care center project in Ohio from 97-98′ he then spent 10 years meditating full time, eight hours a day in locations in North Carolina, New Zealand, India and Holland.

After this 10-year stint of self development he spent a two years in New York City attending professional actor training programs.  This experience served him in practically integrating the spiritual wisdom and experience he gained into the material world.  He believes entertainment plays an important role in healing society and uplifting the world as a whole.  His acting training gave him a deeper understanding and experience of human nature on the level of mind, body, intellect and ego, which combined with his spiritual training, enables him to connect with, relate to and understand people on all levels and at all stages of development. He has been involved in leadership coaching and performance coaching with executives for over 12 years.

His other interests include film producing and writing. He co-hosted and produced the spiritual film documentary Yatra in India, which traces the revival of ancient wisdom in its purity in modern times. He is currently involved in associate producing an action-adventure/sci-fi, action-comedy and drama independent feature films. He is co-authoring a self-development book called Positive Thinking is Not Enough: Being in Your Zone Is which is a well researched enlightening book about the knowledge, understanding and experience needed to evolve to higher states of being, thinking, behaving, and action; a permanent state of spontaneous positive thinking.

The diversity of experience and knowledge Raamon possesses gives him a balanced perspective on the inner and outer aspects of life in a very practical down to earth way.  He can understand, relate and apply this diversity of experience and knowledge to the business world in language executives and top performers understand.